3 ways to finding the best vape kit gives your needs

When entering the world of e-cigarettes, the large selection of different styles and types of devices available can be a little overwhelming. This article aims to help you assess your needs to simplify the process of choosing the most suitable device for you. For this, we will check the different types of equipment and which type of vaper they are most suitable for, so that you can confidently choose the right equipment.smok vape atomizer

A vape kit is the ideal way to start vaping, many regular vapers still buy different kits because they are becoming more and more curious about all aspects of vaping. In 2017, when choosing a starter kit, novice choices are indeed spoiled, but most will include component types (although the specifications are different). The main components of the vape kit will be the water tank, battery (part of the “mod”) and coil. These three elements and the way they work together will determine the type of e-cigarette experience you will have. This is a great way to try and figure out which e-cigarette you will use.

Longer battery life:

The battery may be one of the least valued components. It may have a huge impact on your e-cigarette experience, but even e-cigarette veterans sometimes overlook the changes that the correct battery can bring. Box Mods have more internal space. This means that a larger number of batteries can be included. Many commercial Box Mods can hold one or two batteries, while the larger 18650 Box Mod can hold up to four. Larger battery power leads to higher wattage capacity, longer device life between charges, and better Box Mod performance.

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Vape tanks vary in shape and size, but the way to look after them is basically the same. If you have regular e-cigarette inspections, please make sure to clean the e-cigarette cleaning tank with warm water or an ultrasonic cleaner every 2 or 3 days. The latter is not necessary, but can make your life easier. For those fiercely competitive cloud chasers, having a rebuildable drip irrigation atomizer (RDA) is absolutely necessary. RDA requires the cloud tracker to build its own coil, which can then be connected to the tank using a screwdriver or other similar tool. RDA is also called a “dripper” because you have to manually drip the e-liquid directly onto the coil before every few puffs. This is not the best choice for daily use, but it is very useful for chasing clouds, because the resulting clouds are very large.

Best coil:

Each vape kit will have a coil. The coil or atomizer is an essential component. The coil is wound around the wick of the electronic cigarette device, and it is heated when wet to turn the juice into vapor. There are various coils of different specifications on the market. One of the main specifications of the coil you will see is its “ohm” rating. Each atomizer coil has an ohm specification. “Ohm” is a measure of electrical resistance-the coil wire will have electrical resistance, which determines how much steam and flavor you get from the puff. Sub-ohm e-cigarettes use coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm to produce a larger e-cigarette cloud and a stronger taste.

If you want to blow big clouds, an in-depth understanding of vape coils will bring you a huge help. If you want to compete to become a cloud chaser, you need to consider the following things:

Airflow-Excellent airflow is essential for large clouds. Make sure not to fill the coil with cotton, otherwise the cotton will die.
Wire gauge-reduce the wire gauge to make the wire thicker-the surface area of ​​the evaporated juice is larger. A 24 wire diameter wire is better for cloud tracking than a 30 wire diameter wire, but to make it have low resistance, more windings will be required.

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Inner diameter-a structure with an inner diameter of 2 mm will not split large clouds, you need at least 3 mm. The larger inner diameter provides more cotton thread contact and helps to evaporate the vape juice faster.
Coil positioning-You want the coil to be aligned with the cente

Reviews Smok RPM 2 POD Kit

It was a deal to buy the cheap Smok RPM kit 2. It has an integrated 2000mAh battery, power 80W, the variable mode watts unprecedented ability 7ml juice, rapid start, USB-C recharging and 2 mesh coil option which can be used for MTL DTL or spraying. Prism pod system is sold in gold, red, blue prism, Bright Black, Rainbow Prism and Prism Far Varnish.

Pallas Mechanic Resin

Overview RPM 2
As the successor and Smok Smok RPM80 RPM40, Smok RPM 2 has an appearance very similar, but more portable, and has a greater start button and up / down buttons. In addition, the entire device is easier to use, and the size is suitable for hand or pocket. 2 each RPM kit includes the module and fill the ink cartridge with the replaceable coil. The colors available are prism, rainbow prism, shiny Black, Blue prism Laval Prism.

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Augvape vape

In addition, Smok RPM 2 uses powerful 2000mAh internal battery to provide more time to vape, allowing vaping all day without recharging is necessary. In addition, the charging port type C on the side of the second RPM adopts a secure connection and stable to make the process safe and quick charging. type C interface is USB selection of the latest and most convenient because you can plug or down, and outstanding efficiency up to 100%. Integrated protection lithium / ion can also prevent overloading, high current and short circuits, providing completely secure vape experience. The best part is that RPM 2 charge carriers transmission, which means that you can continue to evaporate when connecting Pod Kit.


On Smok RPM control panel 2, you can see the large 1.14-inch display, and you can use an ergonomic up / down navigation keys. The menu is a data vape indicator, such as the current battery level, current power, the output voltage, current resistance atomizer, a puff and puff number. In addition, you can press the +/- buttons simultaneously for information from the battery more detailed, as the balance for withdrawal before recharging. Please note that the rest of the suction volume is calculated based on current and inside power settings of constraints pods coils.

smok vape atomizer

Smok RPM 2 cloves and rollers
A perfect match for the Mod is a pod with a powerful magnet to ensure that no matter how you shake RPM 2, they do not move or sound. With the unprecedented ability 7ml e-liquid, each cartridge can hold 30% more than previous containers RPM, reducing load every day. In addition, each door RPM cigarette 2 is ergonomic and has a large oval opening of 9.5 mm x 5.6 mm, with a larger airflow whenever you blow. liquid storage tanks are also translucent, which can better see the level of internal e-liquid current. To enter other fluids into the box, remove the rubber plug on the side and pour your favorite vape juice in the port of appropriate size. After charging, it is important to wait 2 to 3 minutes to ensure that the cotton reel is completely saturated.

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Smok RPM 2 has two new coil choices are on the lung or mouth into the lungs of experience directly vape. nozzle DTL is 2 Mesh 0.16ohm RPM, which can generate a thick vapor, has a superb taste, and can work between 25 to 50 watts. setting optimal for this coil is 40 watts. Otherwise, you might like RPM Mesh MTL 0.4ohm coil, which produces a mild throat and satisfy the taste. You can use this high nicotine e-liquid coil with a power of 25 watts.

Smok RPM 2 features and specifications
An important aspect widely Smok RPM 2 Pod system is that it can be launched in the power range of 1 to 80 watts, and respond to press the launch button in 0,001 seconds, which is almost instantaneous. RPM 2 measures 28.5mm x 108.5mm x 31mm and weighs only 132 grams. In addition, the charging system is working with a load current of 1.4 amps. For detailed specifications, please see the infographic below.

In the box
By buying Smok RPM 2, you will receive the RPM 2 equipment pod pre-installed with coil mesh 0.16ohm, pod pre-installed with coil 0.4ohm, C and manual type of cable. Please note that in accordance with regulations, the RPM 2 version of the EU sends a container 2 ml instead of 8 ml.

Smok novo 2

Learn more below:

Smok RPM 2 Pod Kit

E-liquid GUIDE – Freebase Garam VS Nikotin

E-liquid (also called juice vape, eJuices, liquid nicotine) usually contains only the following four ingredients: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavors and nicotine.

Nicotine type eJuice play an important role in the  Pallas Mechanic Resin type of device used. The type of equipment selected also affects the distribution of nicotine in the body.

I Freebase E-liquid? Spray Augvape

Most of the nicotine free base is extracted directly from plants snuff and nicotine extracted pure plant without other impurities or byproducts. nicotine free form can cause an imbalance of alkalinity, and as an increasing concentration of nicotine, the slot will also affected. You can feel when the content of free nicotine is greater, 3 mg subtle drop shot but tolerable throat, while 6 mg increasingly difficult even to 12 mg. Manufacturers E-liquids tend to remain in the range of 0 to 6 mg, and seldom remain in the range of 12 mg or 18 mg of free eJuice extreme rigor and basic demographic characteristics of small (usually level). 0 mg e-liquid contains nicotine VG / PG pure and flavoring agent.Pallas resin Mechanic

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What the nicotine salt?

nicotine salt or nicotine salt is a slight modification of nicotine free base. The addition of benzoic acid to help balance the alkalinity of nicotine free base. Usually this results in a much less severe, and despite the higher concentrations of nicotine, which offer a smoother smok vape atomizer experience. Dose of nicotine salts typically 20 mg to 59 mg. This is due to the composition of the nicotine salt and benzoic acid. A spraying devices vape low power (such as the pod system), the wound decreases.LOST slot adjust VAPE

Now that you know what each type of nicotine, the characteristics and quality, we can find the right equipment for each type of nicotine.LOST VAPE

Ohmic or salt as sub-salt ohmic nicotine?

nicotine salts are typically used with lower power consumption and smaller equipment, but there are some exceptions. Some manufacturers nicotine e-liquid salt for copying the formula ohms, called e-liquid is the “salt of the sub-ohmic.” You can be sure that it is possible to use the kit box Mod or a higher power devices with “nicotine salt sub-ohm” because they are usually expressed in force 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine. The reason for the adoption of the salt form of nicotine is reduced stinging throat of a forum based on the conventional free, producing another throat and generally milder than 3 mg or 6 mg ordinary.

E-liquid free devices and sub-ohm

Freebase E-liquid is adapted to the sub-ohm or more atomizers equipment coupled to a box model, such as water tanks and SRP. Due to low concentrations of nicotine nicotine free base, it is best to use the sub-ohms equipment. The coils are larger, higher power and lower pressure than the sub-ohmic device allows evaporated free nicotine in the juice, thereby releasing small amounts of large amounts of water vapor. For users who enjoy acting and production of many clouds, it is the best choice. Despite the large amount of steam produced, the nicotine  LOST VAPE concentration is still very low. You can load in the system Freebase eJuice Pod for more freedom, but many systems are not optimized for smok tanks free base Pod eJuice, due to lower resistance to nicotine free base may not evaporate completely with the same capacity of the equipment sub-ohms.

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nicotine salt and the sheath system

In addition, nicotine salts are useful for the sheath system. The use of a smaller, lower coil resistance and a power higher output to achieve a cloud discrete steam, thereby providing a better effect of nicotine salt. The inclusion of benzoic acid to help smooth delivery of nicotine salts and balance alkalinity to reduce the feeling of the throat. Do not install the nicotine salt with high resistance to nicotine in its sub-ohms, due

Mallas History And Vape

Mesh material is not exactly new to the vaping industry. initially introduced as a wicking material before the popularity cylinder cotton laminated network used to send e-liquid to the heating element from the storage container. Recently, however, power supplies a resurgence in vaping community found to be one of the main circuit. simply press the most coil metal mesh strip the socket. But with the latest innovations we have the coil tissue seen a cloud of steam greater because a larger area and lower resistor networks can provide. The switch to power coils in the world can demonstrate the benefits with little or no work, so you can take use and what we can do for you a deep coil in the net.

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Features network coils

If constructed in a configuration of drilling a plurality of holes or woven wire coil power is gone due to a variety of advantages from the best taste for low power consumption is higher. There are pros quagmire that come with using a mesh, but not without drawbacks. Here are some of the factors that prebuilt by the use of mesh coil are affected:


Fast heating and a better taste

Power coil structure has a lower resistance, the current possible to flow easily between the positive and negative terminals. This leads to a uniform heating and rapid heating fine mesh, to conserve battery power. This in turn provides a greater surface area for evaporation to occur, leading to which a denser with a variety of flavors vaping output, as more e-liquid evaporates creatures traditional round wire coil front. Since the heating and evaporation occurs at a low power level, the generated steam at a lower temperature, resulting in cooler temperatures and satisfying experience vape vape.

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Since the coil power more frequently, they are also cheaper, through the use of low-power allows resistance to lower. This saves battery power and power. However evaporate with increasing heating and evaporation, power coil and liquid- I in each stroke, so thinning faster than their favorite flavor. That is the negative side is to share the taste of your favorite eJuice overlooked and that you are in love with something.LOST VAPE


One thing that users suffer a coil network is the availability of spool net Prefabricated. Unlike conventional round wire coil, the coil mesh can not be established only from traditional building materials coil. This means that if the mesh coil is currently not in stock, you need to look for other sources of coils or for replenishment wait. quickly to deal with different types of wire turns is always a source of sound traditional round wire coils benefit to be the location. This means that even if the configuration of the cable ends to the preferred coil, still can be done with traditional wire.Augvape vape



Power coils are easy to install and replace, unlike conventional circular coil wire. With many different constructions of the RDA or RTA, power coil has the same installation. Usually two ends of a deck with a type of fastening systems attached to build power coil is loaded against Cotton juice. No need for envelopes, measure smooth the inside diameter or access point so that the coil networks for beginners easy to install. You just need the correct round shape with full contact against the juice turn cotton loaded dense clouds of steam to pump taste.


We hope that this guide has become accustomed to the benefits of pre-compiled mesh coils are offered by various brands Vape leaders such Wotofo, Vandy evaporator and Smok. Discover our Beginner’s Guide to be repaired at our website to see ElementVape.com, this heating element can be realized as new, provides a good alternative to the traditional round wire coil. Please share your experience with a net reel in the comments if you have done the Swi

Various Types Of Vaporizers Pins

Tthat Vape fixed needle position in the timeline and sometimes vapeciga recovered by the trend in the industry vapeciga. As an extraordinary form of electronic cigarettes, she started in the electronic cigarette industry as a reliable primary electronic cigarette or a game for those looking for a place to avoid the use of all new technologies and complex functions. In general, the evaporator formed evaporator medium ballpoint pens, and the unit has been expanded to include more functionality and design, so that the pen style to keep that many are used to. A part of the integrated battery as Joyetech Eroll MAC, while others can be filled, as Ijust Eleaf series. They are classified as vaporizer pen, although some people say it is a pen rather clumsy, but still the vaporizer pen. With all these new features,

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tHat Vape fixed needle position in the timeline and sometimes vapeciga recovered by the trend in the industry vapeciga. As an extraordinary form of electronic cigarettes, she started in the electronic cigarette industry as a reliable primary electronic cigarette or a game for those looking for a place to avoid the use of all new technologies and complex functions. In general, the evaporator formed evaporator medium ballpoint pens, and the unit has been expanded to include more functionality and design, so that the pen style to keep that many are used to. A part of the integrated battery as Joyetech Eroll MAC, while others can be filled, as Ijust Eleaf series. They are classified as vaporizer pen, although some people say it is a pen rather clumsy, but still the vaporizer pen. simulated with all these new features “atomization”.LOST VAPE

Another pen style evaporator is an evaporator system is provided in a pen. Vaporizer pen is still used and is ideal for beginners today and is a reliable option for Vape reserves for many users. This spring Vape usually offers some kind of air flow and possible adjustments watt or voltage adjustment, but usually only the ignition key. Some examples of these devices Smok North AIO or Aspire PockeX. As mentioned above, a variety of foods often used non-removable tank for providing steam dedicated, but the coil often to the minimum the amount of hardware required to maintain the new evaporator used to reduce version. This eliminates a large amount than usual when vapeciga necessary in order to reduce the device itself to the number of cables and coil dummy load. Vape pin simplified arrangement is reliable and cost effective,

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Other options evaporators are equipped with pen category such dedicated chipset 510. evaporator pin types connected the bridge between today vapeciga segment versatile selection and mods on the market are available with a removable battery, and the battery is. This example moves vaporizer pen Well nunchaku, MTL FreeMax ZLIDE Innokin starter kit or kits Twister. This option has integrated a large battery capacity or use to the individual external battery 18650, 20700 or 21700 of sufficient energy to the fuel tank RDA to supply sub-ohm or 510 is connected via a threaded connection. Many products have been output power or the voltage set freely, and a screen to provide on the chassis, so that the user intuitively to determine the output, theremaining and occasional batterymode selection (such as temperature control).smok vape


In addition, the vape pen can go to sub-ohms across the usual selection. With the introduction monodosis systems technology, any device that has the shape of a pin, can be used as evaporator pin and some excellent devices (such as Caliburn or smock Well NFIX) are calculated he excelled in this category. discrete function is much smaller than the weight or the output current vaporizer pen modern, but this system evaporator pen sheath of portability and achieve careful old pen evaporator offer at a very attractive flavor. Monodosis system vape pen is very popular, only replace the jacket or the coil and the charging cable, and when combined with nicotine salt for more power because they are easy to store in a pocket, purse or backpack while superior to nicotine provisiondeliveryeffect.Augvape vape

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gave birth to vape pen most of what we see in vapeciga. Despite the vaporizer pen is one of the most classic vapeciga forms are far from obsolete. With the introduction of new technologies and features that is pin evaporator still a very popular form factor in vapeciga society.

What temperature control spray?

Even if you are just in the recent vape coil replaced vows if you often cough and smell of your mouth? If that is often your case it may be a little faster to burn the coil to mature. The most common reason is that the temperature is set incorrectly in the VAPE.

temperature limit of life e-cigarettes is an extension of the coil, and it is just the experience to take advantage of e-cigarettes. This is achieved by controlling the evaporation temperature.

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What temperature control spray?
If the device has this function, it can be used for the temperature of the temperature control coil (TC) predefined upper limit. Setting the TC monitor and adjust their own role or simply book the limit of the volume of road after the temperature drops. This may increase so significantly the lifetime of the battery and the life span of the vape coil, and provide a more consistent taste and improved water vapor.

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And temperature control settings
If you’ve never really tried to change the camera, you can set a little scary at first. However, we think it is not bad! The first thing you need to do is find the type of coil metal: nickel, stainless steel or titanium. Your CT apparatus may have a simple, adapted TC coil mode, or it must be set to a specific type of coil. Brief introduction of locking pieces. This is the maximum temperature required to provide basic information to the regulator.Jewel tank

Just start spraying with the TC VAPE MOD connected to the box and then select the appropriate profile type for locking the coil and the resistivity recommended by the device manufacturer to room temperature. Finally, set the desired temperature and have fun! We always recommend that you are looking for the best position to start gradually the cold. The ideal temperature to mix PG / VG depends on your personal taste and the juice used.intake rta



If you want to improve your experience and try to use the electronic Augvape vapetemperature control cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, you will find in our MAG P3 kit! This kit comes into our MAG classic series and is now waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It also features a temperature control mode for ultra-sensitive, a large touch screen 1.9 HD, which is easy to adjust and easy to use. All this can be easily set up and used with TC all-in-one toolkit. Learn more about our website or visit your nearest authorized dealer, you Smok.LOST VAPE