Exciting mechanism: Augvape VX217 21700 Kit with Intake Tank 3.5ml

Augvape VX217 21700 Kit

Augvape VX217 21700 Kit with Intake Storage tank 3.5 ml.

Augvape VX217 21700 Kit
VX217 Set consists of VX217 Box Mod as well as Intake Below Ohm Storage Tank. VX217 Box Mod can collaborate with double 21700/20700/18650 batteries and also has 5-217W power range. The mod is created with a large fire button, you can fit and also push it conveniently in your hand. VX217 uses a 1.3 inch color display and also the UI looks like car control panel, which aid you review vape time, mode, wattage, voltage, resistance, batteries life. VX217 Kit features 3 settings: Variable Electrical power (VW), Variable Voltage (VV) and Bypass. Consumption Sub ohm Container uses cutting-edge clapton mesh coil to offer you better taste as well as longer life expectancy than normal mesh coil. Additionally, the e-juice capacity is 3.5 ml and also the plan additionally includes a 5ml bubble glass.

Main Features:.
1. 1.3 inch color display with 240 × 240RGB.
2. Twin 21700 box mod with Intake tank.
3. Easy to discharge with a big fire button.
4. The initial mod can reach to 12V.
5. Minimal design with spin switch.
6. 3 settings: Variable electrical power, Variable voltage, Bypass.
7. UI mimics the cars and truck control panel.
8. Longer battery life.
9. Type-C 1.2 A rapid charging.
10. Cutting-edge clapton mesh.

Brand: Augvape.
Product Name: VX217 Package.
Mod Material: Zinc Alloy.
Mod Dimension: 80 * 49 * 42mm.
Power Variety: 5-217W.
Voltage Range: 0.5-12V.
Mod Resistance Range: 0.05-3ohm.
Battery: Dual 21700/20700/18650 batteries (not included).
Billing: Type-C 1.2 A fast charging.
Container Diameter: 25mm.
Airflow: Top to bottom air flow.
Filling Up Kind: Easy leading filling up.
E-juice Capacity: 3.5 ml/5ml.
Coil Resistance: 0.2 ohm cutting-edge clapton mesh coil, 0.15 mesh coil.
Shade: Black, Gray, Eco-friendly.

Bundle Contents:.
1 * VX217 Mod.
1 * Consumption Sub Ohm Container.
1 * Type-C Cable television.
1 * Battery Sleeve.
1 * Bubble Glass.
2 * Clapton Mesh Coil.
2 * O-rings.
1 * Customer Guidebook.
1 * Guarantee Card.
1 * Desiccant.

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Ohm Vape Bape Sheath 18350/18650 Kit have a perfectly grippy knurled

Ohm Vape Bape Sheath 18350/18650 Kit
Ohm Vape Bape Vessel Package is a portable and also portable AIO shuck system tool, keeps a seamless appearance, including a tidy as well as easy layout. The body is made from stainless-steel 316 as well as feels really smooth as well as silky. There’s very little weight to it, but due to the steel nature, it feels really durable. Bape Case Kit consists of a transparent tank, tank base with air movement control, 18350 tubes, and also 18650 extension tube all at once. At the top and also the base of the stick, you have a perfectly grippy knurled section. The leading among these has your airflow ports reduced into it. With a fire button and also a LED light indication on the front, individuals can obtain an aesthetic readout of their battery level, wattage level, as well as security activations. Press it 5 times to power on/off the mod. Ohm Vape Bape Hull Kit is powered by a solitary 18350 battery, you can likewise set up a 18650 expansion tube to be compatible with a 18650 type battery. Output based upon voltage. Click the fire button swiftly 3 times to go into the power choice setting. Then click the fire switch up until the sign lights blink white validating the bypass setting gets on.

 Pod 18350/18650

The Bape Husk Kit features a refillable storage tank with a capacity of 2ml, with a 510 drip idea on the top, and also a translucent style to aesthetically check the existing e-juice degree. Eliminate the container and fill e-juice from all-time low. The setting of the airflow is performed via the airflow slot on the storage tank base. You can readjust the air flow by transforming the air flow ring to open up or close these air movement channels. 2 sort of coils with different resistance values are consisted of in the plan, perfect for usage with salt nic e-liquids.

Key Qualities:
1. Powered by Solitary 18650/18350 Battery
2. LED Indicator Light with Fire Button
3. Three power levels
4. 2mL E-juice Capability
5. Bottom Filling System
6. Base Airflow Adjustable
7. Replaceable 510 Drip Suggestion
8. 2 coil for DTL & MTL vaping

Product: Stainless Steel 316
Size: 22mm
Battery: Single 18350/18650 Battery (Not Included).
Charging: Micro USB.
Sign Lighting: Environment-friendly: 60% ~ 100% charge (3.85 V ~ 4.20 V).
Blue: 21 ~ 60% fee (3.55 ~ 3.85 V).
Red: 1% ~ 20% cost (3.30 ~ 3.55 V).
Capability: 2.0 ml.
Loading: Bottom Filling Up.
Air flow: Adjustable.
Drip Idea: 510 drip idea.
Securities: Dry burn security, Reverse polarity, Short circuit, Break.
Shades: Black, Brown, Matte Blue, Bright Blue, Silver, Gold.

Plan Contents:.
1 * Bape pod set.
1 * Mirco USB charger cable television.
1 * E-juice container.
2 * Coils (0.4 ohm and 1.0 ohm).
6 * O-rings.

SHARE VAPE:Augvape Flash Kit

Augvape Flash Kit

Augvape Flash Kit
Augvape Flash Kit is composed of a Flash 21700 tube mod and also Intake sub-ohm storage tank as a whole. It is made for novices and tool vapers. The Flash 21700 tube mod is constructed from aluminum alloy as well as has an ideal weight. The body is decorated with groove patterns to provide an extra trustworthy grasp and also a solid visual influence. The gadget is powered by three of one of the most popular common external batteries. A 21700/20700 battery (offered independently) can be installed by default, and utilize 18650 battery adapter to make it suitable with 18650 batteries. Get in the battery area from the bottom, where you can see a screwed taken care of cover with thread. The top of the Flash tube mod is a steel 510 port, compatible with storage tanks with a maximum diameter of no more than 26mm. In the control, there is just the fire button. It is easily recessed to offer an extra comfy operation. The fire switch is bordered by an LED indication, which not just educates that the battery billing is about to finish yet likewise displays the picked output voltage mode. Supplies three result voltage degrees: 3.5/ 3.7/ 3.9 V.

Paired with Flash 21700 tube mod is the Intake sub-ohm tank. The overall diameter of this tank is 25mm, mostly created out of stainless-steel material, as well as comes pre-installed with a large 810 drip pointer. It holds a maximum e-juice capability of 3.5 ml with a straight glass storage tank or 5ml with the bubble glass. You can quickly load this storage tank making use of both large fill ports situated at the top. Near the top is a leakproof double slotted leading airflow control ring, which aims to determine the quantities of air movement. The air flow comes through the top inlets as well as hit the cotton as well as coil straight via both pipes! This layout prevents leak and also can guarantee remarkable flavor production. Augvape Flash Package also features consumption brand-new innovative mesh coil constructed from extremely SS 890L which has even more resistance to oxidation and also rust.

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Main Qualities:
1. Powered by the three most popular standard dimensions of exterior batteries.
2. Maximum abilities are restricted to 26mm
3. Surrounded by an LED sign, which will certainly not just notify about the end of the battery charge

Product: Aluminum Alloy
Dimension: 26 * 142.5 * 26mm.
Standby Current:

Overview of the development of new tobacco products

World tobacco control continues to advance, and cigarette sales in emerging markets have increased slightly, but cigarette sales in mature global markets continue to decline. At the same time, new tobacco products have grown rapidly and market competition has become more intense. Multinational tobacco companies have vigorously promoted product innovation, resulting in a large gap in operating performance .

According to Euromonitor International’s estimates, the number of consumers of new tobacco products exceeded 40 million in 2018, and it is expected to grow to 64 million by 2022, Asmodus Minikin which may replace about 4.6 million boxes of cigarettes;

In 2018, the sales of new tobacco products were USD 24.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 45.8%. The scale is equivalent to the ninth-ranked cigarette market and close to the annual sales of shredded tobacco and cigars;


It is estimated that by 2020, Eleaf Istick new tobacco products will become the category second only to cigarettes in sales.

Among them, Vape is still the category with the largest sales. In 2018, Vape’s sales were approximately US$14.52 billion, an increase of 27% year-on-year, and the growth rate continued to slow Eleaf Istick Pico;

The second is the heated tobacco products represented by iQOS. Sales in 2018 were about 10.2 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of about double, and the biggest contribution to sales growth.


Among the sub-categories, closed Vape has the fastest growth in sales, which is higher than heated tobacco products, mainly due to the changes in the Vape category structure in the US market.

Heating tobacco products

Looking at sales by region Dreamer Mod, Japan is still the largest market for heated tobacco products, with sales of approximately US$5.54 billion in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%, and the growth rate has gradually slowed down;

The second is South Korea, with sales of approximately US$2.12 billion in 2018, the fastest growth rate;

The third is Italy, with sales of approximately US$220 million in 2018, and recent growth has accelerated significantly.

In addition, the Russian market is growing faster than expected IJOY Avenger, and Romania, Greece, South Africa and other places are also major consumer markets.

The growth rate of the new market is fast, and the growth rate of the old market has slowed down:

The growth of the Japanese market has slowed down significantly. According to data from Philip Morris International, the growth rate of heated tobacco products has been significantly lower than expected since the first half of 2018,  apv mod mainly due to the slowdown in consumer conversion speed. Consumers who have not yet converted are more conservative and difficult to convert Larger

The UK market is growing slowly. Although the official support for new tobacco products is relatively clear, heated tobacco products are expensive, and publicity and promotion are restricted, making development more difficult;

The Italian market has grown slowly. Although the country is one of the first regions where iQOS is listed, heated tobacco products have never shown an advantage in the competition with Vape. Even if Vape is hit by tax increases, Vape has achieved success in the country’s market. Higher growth rate;

The Korean market is growing rapidly. On the one hand, it has benefited from the environment similar to the Japanese market, and on the other hand, it is driven by the influx of a large number of products. In addition to several major multinational tobacco companies Ehpro Fusion TC Mod, South Korea’s KT&G has also launched new products one after another. Large-scale marketing has accelerated the market penetration of heated tobacco products.

Despite more abundant products and fiercer competition, iQOS is still in a leading position. Following Philip Morris International’s iQOS, British American Tobacco’s Glo, Japan Tobacco International’s Ploom Tech, Imperial Brands’ Pulze, South Korea’s KT&G’s Lil, etc. have all joined the market competition.

In order to seize the market, British American Tobacco’s Neocore was approved by the FDA for listing in the United States, but only as an equivalent product of Eclipse, not a harm reduction product. Eclipse was sold in the US for a year but ended in failure.

There are differences in pricing:

The price of cartridges is equivalent to mid-to-high-end cigarettes. For example, in the Japanese market in 2018 Vape Atomizers, heating rods for iQOS and Ploom Tech are 460 yen/pack (equivalent to high-end cigarettes), and heating rods for Glo are 420 yen/pack (equivalent to mid-range cigarettes) ).

The heaters are quite different, iQOS equipment is 10980 yen/set, Glo various equipment ranges from 4980 to 16,880 yen/set, and Ploom Tech equipment ranges from 3240 to 7980 yen/set. As the tax burden of heated tobacco products is significantly lower than that of cigarettes, the government loses high taxes. In 2018, while increasing the consumption tax on cigarettes, the Japanese government plans to increase the tax rate on heated tobacco products to about 80% of cigarettes in five years.

The first-stage tax increase was implemented in October 2018, and various companies increased their product prices accordingly. The iQOS heating rod increased by 40~500 yen/pack Aspire Breeze, the Glo heating rod increased by 40~460 yen/pack, and the Ploom Tech heating rod increased. 30~490 yen/pack, but in order to maintain competitiveness, the price increase is less than that of cigarettes.

Uncertainty in regulatory policies:

At present, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. have issued product standards for heated tobacco products, and set minimum requirements for equipment quality and safety;

In the European Union, most countries require new product applications or market review to be submitted 6 months in advance. Philip Morris International filed a harm reduction product certification application for Heets heating rods in Italy, but was rejected due to insufficient evidence;

The British health department released a research report that pointed out that compared with traditional cigarettes, two new tobacco products such as iQOS used in the experiment can significantly reduce health hazards.

In addition, relevant departments such as Germany, the Netherlands, and South Korea have issued research reports with similar conclusions. New Zealand’s health department said that Vape can contribute to the 2025 smoke-free goal. The Wellington Court of New Zealand ruled to allow Philip Morris International to sell iQOS in the country.


The United States is the market with the highest Vape sales. In 2018, sales were US$5.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%, followed by the UK market, with sales of US$2.43 billion, a year-on-year increase of 36.6%. Italy, Germany, France, etc. are all Vape consumption Big country.

The US Vape market has undergone major changes, and the closed Vape represented by Juul has risen. In the US Vape market in 2016, Renault USA’s Vuse (33.6%), Empire Brands’ Blu (23.6%), Japan Tobacco International’s Logic (14.5%), and Philip Morris America’s MarkTen (5.9%) were the main brands. According to Juul’s news YOOZ Vape Pod System, in 2018, juulVape’s market share in the United States surpassed Vuse to become the largest brand.

Juul is a closed Vape, compact and portable, similar to an extended U disk. When it was launched in 2015, it was in a period of rapid development of open Vape, and it did not actually belong to the mainstream Vape category. However, the biggest difference of Juul is that it has realized the taste of traditional cigarettes through the groundbreaking e-liquid formula and matching vaporizer system. Highly simulated, its tobacco raw material is liquid nicotine with nicotine salt as the core instead of free nicotine in traditional Vape, and organic acid is added to reduce the pH value of the flue gas, lower the vaporization temperature, IJOY Captain and make the flue gas inlet smoother and lighter Stinging throat sensation, while adopting airflow induction technology, it can be sucked without a switch, and it can be charged directly by plugging it into a computer. The rapid development of Juul illustrates the important role of innovation.

At present, new tobacco products are being updated rapidly. Focusing on the goal of optimizing the consumer experience, many products have richer flavors, easier use, more convenient carrying, stronger battery life, and faster charging. The rapid development of JuulVape has changed the pattern of product types. The proportion of open Vape, which was once the fastest growing, fell to 36% in 2018, down from 68% in 2014.

At present, nearly 40 countries and regions around the world have banned the sale of Vape, including Canada, Brazil, India, Japan, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Thailand, Lebanon, Cambodia, Vietnam, Eleaf Vape Egypt, and Hong Kong. Some EU countries prohibit the sale of Vape online to prevent teenagers from using Vape.

Vape Unique Brands In Vapalien

Vape loss Q-ULTRA 4ml Pod System Starter Kit VW 40W 1600mAh
Loss of Vape Q-ULTRA System Pod Volkswagen Starter Kit makes full use of the integrated 1600mAh battery, maximum power of 40W long-term, personalized and powerful, reassuring performance, easy-to-use, user-friendly features the ability enough juice, Get an unforgettable experience vaping in a mild flavor and elegant appearance, a variety of protective devices a pod design with lock, an adjustment of the breath counter, a roof system adjustable airflow 4 ml and a structure of aluminum alloy. There is also a 0.69 inch OLED screen used to record operating data in real time for display on an open view on vaping, including battery life, the selected power, and suction resistance. Available in 6 colors.

Adjustable Waltage & Plus Buttons
Main Feature:
1. Battery High 1600mAh, support the full load in 70 minutes through C-port type
. 2. Multiple protection, accompany electronic cigarette safe and stable
3. Provide maximum power of 40W, allowing you to customize the power vaping according to your preferences
4. counter function blow, helps develop good habits Vaping
5. 4 ml vial, so need not worry about losing fluid and immersed in the alcoholic vaping
6. The system high adjustable air flow near the dropper can effectively maintain steam intensity

Augvape specializes in the design and development of electronic cigarettes. Augvape is a search of healthy electronic cigarettes. A wide range of products, including RDA, modules box vape kits, systems sheath, etc.
. Merlin the most respected RTA and Augvape box VX200 TC modules are most popular among vapers. New Product: NANO Merlin RTA, which is a single coil mini MTL RTA.

Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml

3.7 ml Augvape Nårada Pro System Starter Kit 30W Pod VW
Based on the Ogvape Druga Narada Vape Pod System Starter Kit Volkswagen, Augvape Narada Pod System Pro installation method improves ink cartridges adds OLED screen, position, appearance, etc. filling, so it is the first choice in their series. You can adjust the working power according to their preferences, from 5W to 30W, for an experience flexible e-cigarette. The OLED display may be used to inform specific operating data such as battery life in real time, the selected source power, resistance, etc. Available in 3 colors.
Main Feature:
1. Wide range of power is adjustable to better suit your taste preferences
2. After updating the firmware, and VV TC modes are available, which is beneficial to the rich diversity of functions
3. Excellent port C USB fast charging capability, can provide energy 80% in just 25 minutes
. 4. Equipped with an OLED screen on top to show detailed operating data
. 5. The container of 3.7 ml packed side is easy to handle and leakproof
6. Two coils replaceable, respond effectively to both DL and MTL vapers