SMOK Vape Pen V2 60W: Best vape pens of 2020

SMOK Vape Pen V2

SMOK Vape Pen V2 60W Set 1600mAh
Vape Pen V2 Kit is the most recent mechanical mod package with one button style and portable structure. It contains a 1600mAh battery and a 3ml container. It is concentrated on developing wonderful preference and dense vapor with a setting of mechanical outcome and 60W max power. It is shaped right into a pen and also you can carry it anywhere easily. 3 LED indicators will clearly show you the standing of gadget. Adopting adjustable air movement and Vape Pen V2 Meshed Coil, Vape Pen V2 will certainly offer you smooth flavor and pleasing vaping experience.

Key Characteristics:
1. Adjustable air movement system
2. Mobile with simple operation
3. 3 LED signs reveal the gadget condition
4. 1600mAh battery ability
5. 3ml e-juice capacity
6. Bigger air movement range, richer vapor impacts
7. Embraces Vape Pen V2 Coils
8. One button style
9. Safety and security defenses: Lithium Battery/Atomizer Detection/8S Cut-off/Short Circuit/Low Voltage Security

Brand name: SMOK
Product Name: Vape Pen V2 Package
Size: 117.7 * 22mm.
Battery Ability: 1600mAh.
E-juice Ability: 3ml.
Max Power: 60W.
Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2 V ± 0.2 V. Result Voltage: 3.0V-4.0 V.
Standby Current: < 50uA.
Load Resistance Variety: 0.14ohm-3.0 ohm.
Billing Voltage: 4.2 V ± 0.2 V.
Charging Current: Max 670mAh.
Overcharge Voltage: 4.3 V ± 0.05 V. Over-discharge Voltage: 2.4 V ± 0.05 V.
Overcharge Current: 1.7 A ± 0.6 A.
Shade: Red, Stainless Steel, Black, 7-Color, Gold, Blue, Weapon Metal.

Package Components:.
1 * Vape Pen V2 Device (3ml).
2 * Vape Pen Meshed 0.15 ohm Coil.
1 * USB Cord.
1 * User Manua

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l.SMOK Vape Pen V2

Review about SMOK Nord Pod :Impeccable assembly and successful surface treatment

The vapeciga smok nord is one of the newest famous manufacturer vaporizer Smok Pod kit. They have existed for long in the vaping and perhaps currently most popular manufacturers out there, despite not being loved in the community. I have a ton of their product, but above all, I think there’s quite normal things.

This is the first review of the sheath and form of system that I’ve heard they do a very good pod now I can see for themselves whether it is true or not. North is a rectangular style AIO Pod 2 sets, such as wind or EQ Innokin with snow peas and rechargeable battery 1100mAh and press the fire button. It is available in six colors black, gold, rainbow, red, green and white / black. 27.95 Elementvape have them in all colors in stock if the price is right. Spare coils pretty cheap as 12.95 to 15.95 5 packs and pods replacement only 5.95 and equipped with two coils for the price and very good to replace the coil and sheath.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Size – 94 mm by 30 mm by 18.8 mm
Weight – 80g
integrated battery 1100mAh
Watt Output Range: 10-15W
input voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Charging Current: 370mA
Based on the output voltage directly
the firing mechanism on the button
bright LED battery lights
Cobra veneered panel – beautiful design
Juice 3 ml capacity – may be filled system Pod
Replaced by helical springs
North 0.6ohm coil mesh – Optimized for sub-ohm Experience
Regular 1.4ohm coils north – optimized experience MTL
1.0ohm coils ceramic north – sold separately
Air Pod managed by the system
curved ergonomic nozzle
8 seconds of protection against cuts
protection against short -Circuit
Low Voltage Warning
Charging System Micro USB port
Access loving owner
Available in a solid black color, prisms rainbow bottle gold prism of gold, red, white, black
Included in the box:
1 NORTH Pod system
1 North 0.6ohm coils
1 Regular 1.4ohm North Coils
Micro USB cable 1
1 Training Manual
highlight reel
0.6ohm north nets Coils
1.4ohm coil regular North
ceramic north 1.4ohm coil

The smok fetch click in is a rectangular style AIO (all in one) kit pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils replaced in the basket, at the same as the wind or 2 aspire Nautilus AIO.

Is small enough, all things considered from the second air Nautilus Innokin AIO and EQ in size and shape. There was no air in the unit will be cold, but not a big problem, because most do not have an option to that. It has a capacity of 3 ml. Registered in 1100mAh battery pretty good size depending on the size of the device itself and increasing the capacity of the armor system I’ve seen. No complains. He joined the list this USB charger .37A load limit. I tried four times with another USB costs 2 million lines remained stable at around 0.46 .5A very underrated by Smok. 1A load is always fun, especially depending on the size of the battery, but at the least they are not too low and totally sold. It must have been registered in .5A charge. 4 Battery test results has 1143 mAh Size wise, so 1038mah and a note on your batteries as well. Costs about 2.5 hours, a load of 1A will be much faster. exaggerated list of what everything looked so good ranking is formed. Gateway also has a great vaping. drop by drop advanced it is and part of the vehicle itself. Construction of the North and excellent sound and feel Pesa nephew. You can see pictures of how thick frame. In a beautiful and well built for her. This color is also very good. I, fortunately, my favorite color is green with deep beauty transparent layer color. Smok has really stepped up your paint job since the issue of alien species uncertain. The front panel design and snakeskin green and golden highlights some glossy finish. In fact, it makes me think of a paint job that I chose one of my custom mods if done really well.

The sheath itself is easy to complete. It comes with a pressure capsule and separated coil pop pop through the O-ring (unthreaded). Pods attached to the battery clip into the system and easy to get in and out and therefore settle there’s a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. For a complete plug-type rubber, load removed and fill a large enough gap for use with a bottle of fine tip easily. rubber stopper, even for me and my nails are not easy to remove the lower pontoon on the handle locks. I also doubt that it was intentional, but it is a happy coincidence, but the plug was also aligned with sidecar when filled so completely out of the way, which is nice.

The usage is quite simple. There is a button to trigger the device with a button and there is no way or anything. You can click five times the light on and off. It occurs directly, but you will not see much of a very low loss. There is a small but easy to see LED on the shutter button.

This white when smok rpm40 show new. To check the battery level shots that fire three times. Green means that 70% or more, which means 30-70% of half an orange and red below 30%. Was also cut out the window and colorless pods so it is easy to see the level of juice to get really low, then you need to see if the juice at the bottom or pop the sheath and the screen again. Juice bottom window would be nice, but not a big problem.

Vapeciga smok mag p3 The kit comes with two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods, so happy they did because many of them do not look. Unsheathed reserve, but you can be purchased separately if you want if you want to carry a spare.

There are 3 amounts of coil options. A “mesh” 0.6 ohm, 1.4 ohm cotton (inclusive) and 1.4 ohms ceramic (not included). Mesh, but not really mesh and does not match their image, but more of a honeycomb design, you can see that on my album. colored pods also are not as easy to juice harvest levels and the juice from the battery as well. Okay, he did a lot of monodosis The system does not get this right. Regarding performance using two coils in the kit. I use it all the IAS 50/50 60/40 juice salt and from 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. I started with a coil of 0.6 mesh and pleasant limit DTL vape. Also VAPE 20 mg salt NIC no problem, but maybe 30 too much energy. The taste was very good and has a duration of 30 ml of juice is usually a good coil. Can I use 1.4 ohms. The spray on MTL lose and has a good sense also, and perhaps the choice of coils used for high most of MG juice. I met 21 ml if the coil without problems either. Therefore, good taste and good living too. I usually look for about 10 ml per coil device and the second coil sheath and aromas that are very “level” as one of the best I’ve used for the cladding system. The pricing structure is also very cheap at about $ 3 replacement coil covers essentially free replacement, because they come with two coils and $ 6 Pod free with the purchase of two coils so there many replacement pods are usually in the range of $ 05.06

colors (six in total)
3 ml of high capacity
Increased battery construction quality
Natural beauty
paint a very good job
small size for easy transport
vaping Gateway
Accurate estimates of the size of the speed of the battery and the load (load rate slightly underestimated)
a great taste for monodosis system
pods are easy to remove and install said coil
juice level is easy to see very low
good battery meter is easy to see
living large coil
equipped with two coils
pod easy filling
great battery
colorless pods
the price point for the device and the coil
selection coil (3 options)
the level of juice a little hard to see when it is really low without removing
1A should be responsible

So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like so hard or not, but it’s pretty heavy leaning toward him for me. The smok rpm 40 get code has a lot of things that other pod systems do not.

Very easy to use, simple, easy to fill, small and portable, and most importantly a very good performance. It is one of the best pod system that has been used to date in all areas. Only real improvements that I would like to see is the juice denudation window is small and slightly faster charge rate. Quality wise also feels “premium” as built very good compared to other pods. I joined the RECs associated spreadsheet below.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you can say the same thing and I’ll catch the next revision.

Overview of the development of new tobacco products

World tobacco control continues to advance, and cigarette sales in emerging markets have increased slightly, but cigarette sales in mature global markets continue to decline. At the same time, new tobacco products have grown rapidly and market competition has become more intense. Multinational tobacco companies have vigorously promoted product innovation, resulting in a large gap in operating performance .

According to Euromonitor International’s estimates, the number of consumers of new tobacco products exceeded 40 million in 2018, and it is expected to grow to 64 million by 2022, Asmodus Minikin which may replace about 4.6 million boxes of cigarettes;

In 2018, the sales of new tobacco products were USD 24.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 45.8%. The scale is equivalent to the ninth-ranked cigarette market and close to the annual sales of shredded tobacco and cigars;


It is estimated that by 2020, Eleaf Istick new tobacco products will become the category second only to cigarettes in sales.

Among them, Vape is still the category with the largest sales. In 2018, Vape’s sales were approximately US$14.52 billion, an increase of 27% year-on-year, and the growth rate continued to slow Eleaf Istick Pico;

The second is the heated tobacco products represented by iQOS. Sales in 2018 were about 10.2 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of about double, and the biggest contribution to sales growth.


Among the sub-categories, closed Vape has the fastest growth in sales, which is higher than heated tobacco products, mainly due to the changes in the Vape category structure in the US market.

Heating tobacco products

Looking at sales by region Dreamer Mod, Japan is still the largest market for heated tobacco products, with sales of approximately US$5.54 billion in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%, and the growth rate has gradually slowed down;

The second is South Korea, with sales of approximately US$2.12 billion in 2018, the fastest growth rate;

The third is Italy, with sales of approximately US$220 million in 2018, and recent growth has accelerated significantly.

In addition, the Russian market is growing faster than expected IJOY Avenger, and Romania, Greece, South Africa and other places are also major consumer markets.

The growth rate of the new market is fast, and the growth rate of the old market has slowed down:

The growth of the Japanese market has slowed down significantly. According to data from Philip Morris International, the growth rate of heated tobacco products has been significantly lower than expected since the first half of 2018,  apv mod mainly due to the slowdown in consumer conversion speed. Consumers who have not yet converted are more conservative and difficult to convert Larger

The UK market is growing slowly. Although the official support for new tobacco products is relatively clear, heated tobacco products are expensive, and publicity and promotion are restricted, making development more difficult;

The Italian market has grown slowly. Although the country is one of the first regions where iQOS is listed, heated tobacco products have never shown an advantage in the competition with Vape. Even if Vape is hit by tax increases, Vape has achieved success in the country’s market. Higher growth rate;

The Korean market is growing rapidly. On the one hand, it has benefited from the environment similar to the Japanese market, and on the other hand, it is driven by the influx of a large number of products. In addition to several major multinational tobacco companies Ehpro Fusion TC Mod, South Korea’s KT&G has also launched new products one after another. Large-scale marketing has accelerated the market penetration of heated tobacco products.

Despite more abundant products and fiercer competition, iQOS is still in a leading position. Following Philip Morris International’s iQOS, British American Tobacco’s Glo, Japan Tobacco International’s Ploom Tech, Imperial Brands’ Pulze, South Korea’s KT&G’s Lil, etc. have all joined the market competition.

In order to seize the market, British American Tobacco’s Neocore was approved by the FDA for listing in the United States, but only as an equivalent product of Eclipse, not a harm reduction product. Eclipse was sold in the US for a year but ended in failure.

There are differences in pricing:

The price of cartridges is equivalent to mid-to-high-end cigarettes. For example, in the Japanese market in 2018 Vape Atomizers, heating rods for iQOS and Ploom Tech are 460 yen/pack (equivalent to high-end cigarettes), and heating rods for Glo are 420 yen/pack (equivalent to mid-range cigarettes) ).

The heaters are quite different, iQOS equipment is 10980 yen/set, Glo various equipment ranges from 4980 to 16,880 yen/set, and Ploom Tech equipment ranges from 3240 to 7980 yen/set. As the tax burden of heated tobacco products is significantly lower than that of cigarettes, the government loses high taxes. In 2018, while increasing the consumption tax on cigarettes, the Japanese government plans to increase the tax rate on heated tobacco products to about 80% of cigarettes in five years.

The first-stage tax increase was implemented in October 2018, and various companies increased their product prices accordingly. The iQOS heating rod increased by 40~500 yen/pack Aspire Breeze, the Glo heating rod increased by 40~460 yen/pack, and the Ploom Tech heating rod increased. 30~490 yen/pack, but in order to maintain competitiveness, the price increase is less than that of cigarettes.

Uncertainty in regulatory policies:

At present, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. have issued product standards for heated tobacco products, and set minimum requirements for equipment quality and safety;

In the European Union, most countries require new product applications or market review to be submitted 6 months in advance. Philip Morris International filed a harm reduction product certification application for Heets heating rods in Italy, but was rejected due to insufficient evidence;

The British health department released a research report that pointed out that compared with traditional cigarettes, two new tobacco products such as iQOS used in the experiment can significantly reduce health hazards.

In addition, relevant departments such as Germany, the Netherlands, and South Korea have issued research reports with similar conclusions. New Zealand’s health department said that Vape can contribute to the 2025 smoke-free goal. The Wellington Court of New Zealand ruled to allow Philip Morris International to sell iQOS in the country.


The United States is the market with the highest Vape sales. In 2018, sales were US$5.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%, followed by the UK market, with sales of US$2.43 billion, a year-on-year increase of 36.6%. Italy, Germany, France, etc. are all Vape consumption Big country.

The US Vape market has undergone major changes, and the closed Vape represented by Juul has risen. In the US Vape market in 2016, Renault USA’s Vuse (33.6%), Empire Brands’ Blu (23.6%), Japan Tobacco International’s Logic (14.5%), and Philip Morris America’s MarkTen (5.9%) were the main brands. According to Juul’s news YOOZ Vape Pod System, in 2018, juulVape’s market share in the United States surpassed Vuse to become the largest brand.

Juul is a closed Vape, compact and portable, similar to an extended U disk. When it was launched in 2015, it was in a period of rapid development of open Vape, and it did not actually belong to the mainstream Vape category. However, the biggest difference of Juul is that it has realized the taste of traditional cigarettes through the groundbreaking e-liquid formula and matching vaporizer system. Highly simulated, its tobacco raw material is liquid nicotine with nicotine salt as the core instead of free nicotine in traditional Vape, and organic acid is added to reduce the pH value of the flue gas, lower the vaporization temperature, IJOY Captain and make the flue gas inlet smoother and lighter Stinging throat sensation, while adopting airflow induction technology, it can be sucked without a switch, and it can be charged directly by plugging it into a computer. The rapid development of Juul illustrates the important role of innovation.

At present, new tobacco products are being updated rapidly. Focusing on the goal of optimizing the consumer experience, many products have richer flavors, easier use, more convenient carrying, stronger battery life, and faster charging. The rapid development of JuulVape has changed the pattern of product types. The proportion of open Vape, which was once the fastest growing, fell to 36% in 2018, down from 68% in 2014.

At present, nearly 40 countries and regions around the world have banned the sale of Vape, including Canada, Brazil, India, Japan, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Thailand, Lebanon, Cambodia, Vietnam, Eleaf Vape Egypt, and Hong Kong. Some EU countries prohibit the sale of Vape online to prevent teenagers from using Vape.

Reviews Smok RPM 2 POD Kit

It was a deal to buy the cheap Smok RPM kit 2. It has an integrated 2000mAh battery, power 80W, the variable mode watts unprecedented ability 7ml juice, rapid start, USB-C recharging and 2 mesh coil option which can be used for MTL DTL or spraying. Prism pod system is sold in gold, red, blue prism, Bright Black, Rainbow Prism and Prism Far Varnish.

Pallas Mechanic Resin

Overview RPM 2
As the successor and Smok Smok RPM80 RPM40, Smok RPM 2 has an appearance very similar, but more portable, and has a greater start button and up / down buttons. In addition, the entire device is easier to use, and the size is suitable for hand or pocket. 2 each RPM kit includes the module and fill the ink cartridge with the replaceable coil. The colors available are prism, rainbow prism, shiny Black, Blue prism Laval Prism.

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Augvape vape

In addition, Smok RPM 2 uses powerful 2000mAh internal battery to provide more time to vape, allowing vaping all day without recharging is necessary. In addition, the charging port type C on the side of the second RPM adopts a secure connection and stable to make the process safe and quick charging. type C interface is USB selection of the latest and most convenient because you can plug or down, and outstanding efficiency up to 100%. Integrated protection lithium / ion can also prevent overloading, high current and short circuits, providing completely secure vape experience. The best part is that RPM 2 charge carriers transmission, which means that you can continue to evaporate when connecting Pod Kit.


On Smok RPM control panel 2, you can see the large 1.14-inch display, and you can use an ergonomic up / down navigation keys. The menu is a data vape indicator, such as the current battery level, current power, the output voltage, current resistance atomizer, a puff and puff number. In addition, you can press the +/- buttons simultaneously for information from the battery more detailed, as the balance for withdrawal before recharging. Please note that the rest of the suction volume is calculated based on current and inside power settings of constraints pods coils.

smok vape atomizer

Smok RPM 2 cloves and rollers
A perfect match for the Mod is a pod with a powerful magnet to ensure that no matter how you shake RPM 2, they do not move or sound. With the unprecedented ability 7ml e-liquid, each cartridge can hold 30% more than previous containers RPM, reducing load every day. In addition, each door RPM cigarette 2 is ergonomic and has a large oval opening of 9.5 mm x 5.6 mm, with a larger airflow whenever you blow. liquid storage tanks are also translucent, which can better see the level of internal e-liquid current. To enter other fluids into the box, remove the rubber plug on the side and pour your favorite vape juice in the port of appropriate size. After charging, it is important to wait 2 to 3 minutes to ensure that the cotton reel is completely saturated.

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Smok RPM 2 has two new coil choices are on the lung or mouth into the lungs of experience directly vape. nozzle DTL is 2 Mesh 0.16ohm RPM, which can generate a thick vapor, has a superb taste, and can work between 25 to 50 watts. setting optimal for this coil is 40 watts. Otherwise, you might like RPM Mesh MTL 0.4ohm coil, which produces a mild throat and satisfy the taste. You can use this high nicotine e-liquid coil with a power of 25 watts.

Smok RPM 2 features and specifications
An important aspect widely Smok RPM 2 Pod system is that it can be launched in the power range of 1 to 80 watts, and respond to press the launch button in 0,001 seconds, which is almost instantaneous. RPM 2 measures 28.5mm x 108.5mm x 31mm and weighs only 132 grams. In addition, the charging system is working with a load current of 1.4 amps. For detailed specifications, please see the infographic below.

In the box
By buying Smok RPM 2, you will receive the RPM 2 equipment pod pre-installed with coil mesh 0.16ohm, pod pre-installed with coil 0.4ohm, C and manual type of cable. Please note that in accordance with regulations, the RPM 2 version of the EU sends a container 2 ml instead of 8 ml.

Smok novo 2

Learn more below:

Smok RPM 2 Pod Kit

Smok Nord 2 E-Cigaret anmeldelse

The compact design of the big smoke is a strategic change made by the SMOK well-known brand to meet market needs and the user’s favorite. After all, the heavy smoke in the past is very unfit to travel.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件电池比最好的
The North 2 SMOK suit is the latest masterpiece of Smok in the compact design of the big smoke. This portable product that combines the violence of the big smoke and little smoke. In fact, SMOK made yet, and the higher it is, the stronger it is.
Compared with similar products launched by SMOK in the past 2 SMOK north is exceptional. It is not only designed with an ignition key, but also designed a + – key to the control voltage, and the key is also equipped with an LCD screen.
The main unit of Smok North 2 is a regular quadrangular prism, the edges and bottom are rounded and rounded, which gives users a good grip.轻按一下即可获得Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件功率调整
The three sides of the symmetrical design are used to modify and improve the fuselage in the form of patches. The materials are resin and carbon fiber. Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件0.69inch OLEDCarbon fiber is more business oriented, while the resin is more flamboyant.
The bottom loading port is a USB port, are borne during the charge. The softness of the lower periphery feels a bit larger, which makes it easy to fall when you place the officeSmok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件,通过USB充电
SMOK North 2 of split air intake design is a little wild, and it is designed to dig holes, so it does not support the gas control. This is only a kind of suction resistance for users looking for the draw resistance. The air inlet also serves as a window for observation of the amount of oil in the tray.

Since SMOK North has 2 a display, it is more high-end. The chip carries it is a brand new IQ-R chip and the ignition reaction time reaches 0.001 seconds.

SMOK Nord 2 supports adjustable output range of 1-40W and the resistance range of 0.3-3ohm ohm that meet the daily needs of the average user.
SMOK Nord 2-screen data display is simple and clear, easy to interpret. The system supports screen color display and replacement lock screen that can easily old user can retrieve find memories and joy. Of course, for new users, as easy to set up the system, it is not difficult to get started.
to the top of the SMOK Nord 2 is completely sealed, so you do not that by about the damage to the body circuit to the leakage of smoke ensure what is commendable.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件2 Pod包括
The cartridge design of SMOK Nord 2 is basically similar to the cartridge structure of similar products launched by SMOK in the past. Its minimum support is 4.3 ml. I believe that it has moved many users.
As the smoke bomb nozzle is wider and thicker, North SMOK 2 for lung sucking is more appropriate, but the mouth suction experience is not ideal.

For Smok 2 with thick smoke Nord, the design of condensation and return within the nozzle is very important. In addition, for the inlet of the nozzle, due to the influence of the thickness, it is recommended that a smooth treatment to do.
The cartridge is equipped with a 0.4 ohm and 0.6 ohm steel mesh core NORD core as a standard, the various smoking pleasure can bring users.

At the same time, the official also RBA kit published that are not must be purchased separately Standard and a big surprise for users who like DIY, but it is.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件智能检测

In fact, the smoke bomb also supports a variety of other different specifications of the atomization core. Whether you like it or not depends on your personal needs.
How individual users concern for oil leakage are not really necessary for the airtightness of the smoke bombs, by tests.

For the taste power when a 0.4-ohm steel mesh core used North SMOK 2 feels that the analysis of the smoke oil is relatively sufficient and in place, which is a great improvement over previous products.
All in all north introduction of this Smok 2 can be said to have brought the Gospel to the users who have always adhered to the big smoke, adjustable pressure, DIY, large capacity, long battery life, as well as small (three measurements: 3 , 05 x 2? x 9.5 cm), it is really powerful and handy enough.Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit RPM线圈介绍

If you look at SMOK Nord 2 with a critical eye, I would like to make two more suggestions: Design the air supply to be adjusted; and also to fulfill the need for mouth sucking, you can consider one of the two cartridges. The suction nozzle and caliber of the bomb is smaller.