Lost-vape Orion-Q Review Value For Money


1. Introduction to LOSTVAPE ORION Q
LostVape released Orion DNA GO in 2018. Although it is a small smoke device, it is still equipped with the “DNA GO CHIPSET” chip produced by EVOLV in the United States for small smoke. Almost all LostVape products have the mark of DNA, and of course, Xiaoyan is not included.

Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Functions
The body design is not much different from Orion DNA GO. The difference is that the internal chip is changed from DNA to a self-developed chip, that is, it does not have DNA GO CHIPSET installed. Like the previous DNA chip, DNA GO can connect to a personal computer and use the “EScribe” software to set up the device to achieve various functions, so it is very troublesome for users who do not need these functions. The appearance is the same, and of course the size is the same. Very compact body, easy to hold with one hand. If you look at the picture alone, you might think that the fuselage is a bit big, because the host has a built-in 950 mAh high-capacity battery! The weight we actually measured is 84.6g, which is not very light as a small smoke device, but it also has any sense of heaviness. You will definitely think this is a good thing, the texture and weight of holding it will definitely exceed your expectations. Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System ParameterCompared with Orion DNA GO, Orion Q is only equipped with the appearance of carbon fiber panels. The colors are silver, black, gold and blue.
2. ORION Q specifications and packaging
1. Product specifications
Dimensions: H 93×W 37×D 13.5 mm
Weight: 68.6g (cigarette bomb: 16.0g, total 84.6g)
Output mode: bypass mode
Smoke oil capacity 2.0ml
Oil filling method: oil filling on top of the cartridge
Air intake: adjustable top air intake
Atomizing core: built-in 1.6Ω
Charging interface: microUSB
Battery: 950mAh
Protection function: multiple protection functions
Three, ORION Q detailed picture review
The appearance of Orion Q’s mainframe has the same sense of quality. Carbon fiber panels (non-true carbon fiber, high-quality trim) and metal frames look great. The “ORION Q” and “LOST VAPE” logos on the body of the fuselage are gold. The two signs are symmetrical to each other, the texture is very good, and the details are excellent. The frame part has four colors, the side is the bullet lock button, ignition button and microUSB charging interface. In the DNA version, here is a key, and the charging interface at the bottom corner has a decorative cover. ORION Q is simplified here because of the chip.
Since the computer cannot be connected, the microUSB interface is only responsible for the charging function. The LED light above also acts as a power indicator. On the DNA version, the indicator has 5 segments, which is more detailed than 3 segments. But the 3-segment display is also very simple and clear. In consideration of safety, the pressure relief vent is provided at the bottom of the main unit.Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Filling ijk
Fourth, the details of the smoke bomb part
Although it is also a smoke bomb, it is a fixed locking structure, not a common magnetic type. You can flip the switch down and exit the bomb at the same time. On the contrary, if you want to install a cartridge, first clamp the clip on one side of the cartridge and press the cartridge to the other side until it clicks. The cartridge is installed. The size of the cartridge is a bit large, but the tank is still a standard 2ml. The material of the smoke bomb is food grade PC-110 (polycarbonate). The atomizing core is built into the cartridge. Because it is a one-time design, you cannot replace the atomizing core. The built-in cigarette bomb is Kanter 1.0Ω heating wire.