Review about Voopoo X217 Drag 2 Mini Vinci TC Mod 217W Pnp Coils

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini. A cross between Vinci and slides sheath system. Would it be a winning combination or a failure? Let’s see.

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Mod Pod Navi Voopoo, aesthetics is a combination of several obstacles Voopoo and Navi Pod. With the new design of the pod system and the airflow. Navi can beat its predecessors? Or go back to the internal battery if the battery 1500m mAh, to be his downfall. This test helps to deepen and discover.

The contents of the box
Standard packaging TPD TPD
Device 1x Navi
Pod Navi 1x 3.8ml
PnP-VM3 1x 0.45 Ω
PnP-VM4 1x 0.6 Ω
1x Warranty Card
Gen smartcard
1x USB cable
1x user manual

Packing for Voopoo Navi Mod Pod continues with regular Voopoo intelligent design. In addition to the front of the outer sleeve is a logo and Navi two Voopoo Mod Pod. Besides Mod Pod picture Navi is a laminate finish. But the image itself is of very low quality.

In addition, printing on your links and social media icons representing common tricks of Navi Mod Pod system. While in the back is content, build routine health care, and begins and authenticity.

Slide in the tray immediately accepted by both the Mod Pod insertion Navi. Although under a layer of foam that is white box VM3 cover and spool PnP PnP-MV4, the contact is a good guide on how to complete the front of the Navi. Also in the box you’ll find a USB cable and documentation with Navi Mod Pod.

manufacturing quality

Obviously Voopoo Vinci Coils click in took elements of both ranges and drag Voopoo Vinci Pod and form a thin, smooth design.

Da Vinci fascia screen loads, while Mod resin containing either side and sloping design of various Voopoo drag. designing manufacturing rather large in general. But many will not be a fan back in capital letters appear alongside, nodded to Voopoo alignment slide.

While the device is much smaller than the line Navi Vinci was able to continue in terms of the quality and durability of construction for zinc alloy body. force completed in the case of a fingerprint magnet Vinci driveway and replaced with a matte coating metal weapons.

Color TFT screen of 0.96 “is still fresh and bright screen while watching various Vinci. In addition, key dislocation is still very sensitive. While powered by a 1500 mAh battery, at least in theory be a good battery.

Mod Pod Voopoo Navi is 96 mm high, a simple 18 mm width 33 mm depth from front to back.

Navi pod

When it comes to the gondola was no significant difference in the design. From far above the range of Vinci sleek design and e-lane maximum yield of 3.8 ml liquid sheath can follow PDT. Also fill seal seems easier to handle and your fingers under the brand easier to recharge.

Interestingly there is a hidden reservoir a little out of sight, food wrapping directly. This should prevent the user from hitting the floor and dry coil when liquid. It is a necessity for black pod nivelleraient e-liquid is hard to see.

In addition, at the rear of the intake air flow nacelle is non-adjustable. Whereas before nacelle is pull up / down control air flow while fully functional, somewhat cheap feeling of the subject. That said, at last instance podcast.

Interestingly, it seems that there is a third air inlet basket and enter Voopoo these words:
… “high sensitivity and the force of the explosion, but also more aerodynamic filling gas” …
In other words, the method further comprises reducing the heat when vaping chain, or to air flow is closed. Also, if I understand correctly, should help create a vortex get as much air as possible for all coils.

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Features the same functionality Vinci Mod Pod, navigation and monitoring remain unchanged. Apart from the usual 5 Click the button to fire up Voopoo Navi Mod Pod. While the screen displays an animated logo Voopoo initialization, followed by Navi Gene.AI and firmware version.

GENE.AI chip set is supported by Navi can vaped in three different styles selected by pressing the trigger three times.

First, it is the usual mode in which P Navi Mod Pod is activated and can vaped pressing the shutter button.

Second, there is a VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W get code automatic and P. Sea to be good vaped pressing the shutter button or simply inhale. In addition, you can start vaping pressing the shutter button and let go of the shutter button. Meanwhile Mod Pod Navi continue cooking as long as breathing, until the timeout 10 seconds is drawn.

Finally, there is the automatic mode, so vaped Navi and no active shutter button. Instead Navi pulled by the user inhales.

In addition, there are other functions Marmite vaping, breathing function counting. Daily records were kept for 14 days and access to data is now down simultaneously to display the options.

pre-installed firmware is the RBA mode, ready for those who will benefit from the adapter Mod Pod RBA Navi.

Standard mode

Apart from this style vaping Voopoo Navi Mod Pod has a variable power control started 5-40 watts. While the top and bottom buttons allow you to choose the desired output. If the Mod Pod Navi Voopoo used by RBA or standard mode, the effect is the same.

On the other hand, if accidentally shot in a bag Navi Navi Mod Pod can be blocked by once fast up and down at the same time. Moreover, to open again using the same procedure as the lock.

When navigation mode against up and down puff soft keys. To navigate using the up and down keys, while pressing the shutter button and the bottom button deletes all notes. To exit, press and hold the shutter button until the menu disappears.

RBA fashion

Connect with RBA mode by clicking four times the shutter button.

While RBA mode, the power available for the selection of the top and bottom of the same as the default mode. In addition to automatic mode, the maximum power that detects the resistance of the coil and limit the maximum take-off power. Allow full power range for RBA PNP.

Battery use

charging the internal battery 1500 mAh is before conneciton USB, with the average cost of 1 hour 40 minutes complete, the load is limited to a maximum of 5 V 1A to extend battery life.

Battery performance Voopoo Navi Mod Pod is directly proportional to the Mod Pod Vinci. In addition, with moderate use, the battery can last more than one day at 30-40 W. While it lasts almost two days vaping 20 – 25W.

fill in

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 157W is a simple, quick question. Remove the sheath mod before. Cartwheels and accompanies replenishment opening hole with a good sized hole filling process is quick and easy. However, as the pods are on the dark side, it can be difficult to see the level of juice in the car, except in bright places.

Importantly, while the joints to the filling liquid and is located in a hidden reservoir. However, this is not a problem with the sealing drain and dry rest.


Navi Voopoo I Mod Pod is where things start to get a little interesting. Designed with three airflow holes, it can not be controlled. Open the adjustable air transmission input above all the way to smooth the air flow and plentiful. Perfect for e-liquid slightly more than the air flow like caramel.

In addition, when closing the air flow is even more flexible, while generating hot spray. You can also see and feel the steam restrictions. But with this e-liquid, in particular, to give more in the direction of the field. With fruit coming out very well.

third additional air intake appears to help keep the cold coil, especially the air flow before closing, without which it would be too hot for many people. Prevent dry hit. Moreover, it is logical that the addition of a third air inlet, coils keeps a little saturated. In fact, if a whirlwind spiral is created if, in theory, might attract a little more liquid to the coil. Although this does not solve quite capable vape chain in some rolls, it helps when vaping around 30-35 W.

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Replacement spool

With it’s easy to replace, simply remove the pods and remove the coil Plug and Play (PnP). Also included in the new coil and left to rest and saturated coils for 15-20 minutes.

In addition, this process can be accelerated e-liquid slightly coil before entering them. A few drops in the heat of the coil should be enough.

In addition, it can also help evacuate early to get the juice of cotton. to put fingers in the air intake on the back Voopoo Navi Mod Pod, now the camera is turned off, such as inhalation Vaping. Only a sharp breaths but not too long to do the job. After a certain tension, a small sample of the liquid and obtained. Now leave for 10-15 minutes.

Voopoo variety of PnP PnP coil now has the RBA suit your personal preferences. And coil Wick investment will be very different from the material roll. Unfortunately, at this time, I still can not get my hands on, but when I do, I will guide Wright.


In the absence of leaks Voopoo Pnp Coils show new report has only one real criticism. Besides pods opacity. black beans being reconstructed and the test level e-liquid hard work, especially in an environment low illumination environment. In addition, you can often find yourself looking back the light source to confirm the amount or lack of liquidity mail pods.

Although it is not something I care, some want to return a large logo printed on the side of the Mod Pod Voopoo Navi.

Let’s start with the issue on everyone’s mind. After trying the use of liquid and left for 24 hours and daily, a full tank without any leakage. So, first, it looks like the curse Voopoo solve leakage sheath. So it was wonderful to see. Also, it was nice to see the firmware missed ready for those who want to use the PnP-RBA. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one.

Navi sense Voopoo Mod Pod Even went beyond the line of Vinci (except, perhaps, the RBA with output available). It’s possible to create a mechanical mechanism to control the flow of air. In addition, there appears to be a third air intake to enhance the flavor profile coil, which allows evaporation of a more limited sense, to make sure vape coil and not too hot.

While not everyone will agree with me, which is good to see the return of the automatic spray, appreciation and use all the spray. However, it was slightly delayed compared to the Mod Pod Vinci.

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