Vapeciga Troll


In the world of vapeciga video, steeljan closed shop just because – of course not – but because of the trolls, it seems.

I thought Trolls in a historical perspective. I think the trolls have always been with us. In the Middle Ages, the camera tilted Trolls contents of the pot on the head of his goal, as he walked down the street. Or who they threw rotten eggs and fruit at you and ruin your self esteem and your day.

Trolls speak. What express? Well, for me, they express the depth of his self-hatred. Get auto-confirmation by dragging. Get the thrill of knowing they made a difference for someone else. Trolls are Löbbers rotten eggs over the Internet. We must remember that it is they who own excrement, eggs or fruit or moldy stench. That’s all they have. A the same as in the Middle Ages, this behavior only confirms how arrid his inner life.

Internet videos bubbling with wealth. colorful people with interesting ideas and personalities offer videos that communicate information to us in every way – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. But hey, we’re all different and that’s what makes it so fascinating. There, on youtube, there are the most diverse set of reviwers e-cig – these people and their videos are a wonderful learning tool for us vapers Newbee. They can continue!

Fortunately, YouTube has a device to protect against the worst trolls. Reviews, ratings and opinions can be monitored, permitted, forbidden, locked, remove, deactivate and reported. Can close almost every aspect of the responses we received at any time, even in old videos. This is our umbrella that can be used to avoid the potty troll shit falling on our heads as we walk down the street.

The problem is, curiosity and vanity made us leave these only open to see what people say about us. How to reach us it is in the prime area of ​​the youtubing. It is an unfortunate moment when we find that are lobed with a rotten egg.