When you are missing vaporizer system kit disposable sheath wand

WHERE stick spray disposable sheath missing device has a compact and portable design, so you can carry with you. It has the ability to be pre-filled with 1.2ml e-liquid, and battery power for single use is 270mAh, so you can try new flavors soon. These pods can provide more than 300 inhalations, and the salt content of nicotine in each pod is of 5%.

smok vaporizers

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Brand: Missing vape
Unit: 1 set

E-capacity liquid: 1.2 ml
Battery capacity: 270mAh
Resistance 0.7 Ohm
Nicotine: 5%
Packing: gift box

Each set contains: 1
WHERE vaporizer missing disposable Wand tool Pod


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What Vape POD System And How It’s Works?

The first modern cigarette electronics or vape, invented in the mid-2000s, was first similar to cigarettes. Since then, CIG has been engaged in a variety of DoD VAPE pen kits, which are generally larger and boxed to provide a variety of different styles and functional combinations. Recently, the pod system has emerged from the VAPE industry, and with major manufacturers to expand and improve our products and technology is becoming more and more popular. If vaping is because you are a beginner, you might ask: “What exactly is a pod system?”

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smok vaporizers
What POD system? What does pod mean?
The pod name system moves from the container to hold the eJuice, usually paired with the internal coil is interchangeable. The box is connected to the main body or the battery part of the system to the trigger coil to make the eJuice cabin evaporated. In accordance with ergonomic portability considerations, the pod system can be used in various forms, which are inspired by vape pens or other types of designs. There are mainly two types of system pods, “open” and “closed”. Click for a more complete list of vapeciga.com needs pod systems.

Augvape vape

Vape-closed system has the most popular and recognizable non-filling equipment option will be SMOK. And the same SMOK, Vaper only needs to pre-order the pod, you can hold juice and rolls. Once it becomes empty, and when the switch is closed, the container of the system can be discarded and thrown away. Other popular choices include products from AUGVAPE, Lost VAPE, and VAPE TOP ONE well-known companies.

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Open system pod-full choice of pods. Open the pod system is not pre-filled, but empty packaging. They have a filling port that allows users to fill in juice to suit their taste. In most cases, the top of the pod is filled with a silicone plug or built through some form of mechanism, and it will only be added by removing the empty juice. There are some open systems to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of coils without the need to purchase a replacement car, but buying a set of coils can be replaced, thereby saving additional costs. This will reduce waste and save money.

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Honeycomb Technology Beauty-Lostvape ORION Q-PRO

Brand: Lostvape
Product Name: ORION Lostvape Q-PRO kit
Type: Starter Kit | Vape Kit | Pod Kit
Color: SS / fancy color, black sea, blue aurora, dazzling gold, rainbow sky

smok vaporizers

Lostvape ORION Q-PRO-Kit is an improved version of the Orion Q. Coached nacelle by a battery of 950mAh, it has an outlet to 5 steps with a maximum of 24W. There are three types of coils available: 0.25ohm and 0.5 ohms 1ohms can meet your different needs. In addition, the ORION Q-PRO-Kit is equipped with an ink cartridge 2 ml and an adjustable upper air flow system for feeding a great experience.

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Features of Lostvape ORION Q-PRO Kit 950mAh ➤5
Energy class, maximum 24W➤
Three coils are available
High system ➤Adjustable airflow
➤Special Dorn panel design

Click Lostvape ORION Q-PRO-Kit for more details
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Get Started Quickly With Lost Vape Q-Ultra And Its Accessories

Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit 40W 1600mAh 4ml
Loss of Vape Q-ULTRA System Pod VW Starter Kit has a high opinion Vapers hungry for a vaping experience memorable with long endurance, personalized power, reassuring performance, easy-to-use, the capacity juice, mild flavor and benefited elegant appearance, respectively, of the integrated battery 1600mAh, 40W peak power, numerous protections, pod design locked, setting the counter puff, the system adjustable air flow from the top of the tank 4 ml and alloy construction aluminum. In addition, there is a 0.69inch OLED screen, which acts on the recording of operating data in real time to an open view your vaping, including the battery, the selected power, strength and puffing. 6 optional colors.


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Smok Nord 2

RPM80 Pro


Main features:
1. Battery High 1600mAh, the support is fully charged in 70 minutes through a port of type c
2. Multiple protections accompany a secure and stable vaping
3. 40W maximum available output power will allow vaping customize according to your taste preference
4. counter function blow, suitable for vaping habit to develop an appropriate
5. 4ml tank, not having to worry about lacking liquid while immersed in an alcoholic vaping
6. The system of higher air flow near the tip adjustable drip effective to maintain the strength of the steam

smok vaporizers


Lost Vape Q-Ultra Replacement Empty Pod Cartridge 4ml 2PCs
Vape loss Vacuum Ultra Q-pod replacement cartridge, higher capacity 4 ml juice and system superior airflow is applicable to the loss of Vape Q-ULTRA VW Pod System Starter Kit. You are free to complete Ultra Boost M1, M2, or MTL RBA head coil diverse experiences vaping. 4 pieces in one package.

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Lost Vape Q-Ultra Boost RBA Coil

Jewel tank

intake rta

Main features:
1. 4ml tank, not having to worry about lacking liquid while immersed in an alcoholic vaping
2. The system of higher air flow near the tip adjustable drip effective to maintain the strength of the steam

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Lost Vape Lyra Vape Pod System review

Lost Vape Lyra Vape Pod System 1000mAh 2ml
Lost Vape Lyra vape pod system, equipped with a coil MTL and support shot up to max 20W output, aims to bring you the real and enjoyable vaping experience. Powered by a 1000mAh built-in battery, it performs well in the vaping for a long time.

Main feature:
1. Powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery, which support fully loaded with 1.5 h
2. LED indicator, clear about the real-time status of battery
3. Some protection, including short circuit protection, thermal protection and the protection of low resistance
4. The fire button, easy to operate
5. 7 color varies from your preference

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RPM80 Pro

Brand: Missing vape
Model: Lyra
Device Type: Mechaopuiial
Material: Zinc Alloy
Supports Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.6ohm coil mesh Lyra, Lyra MTL coil 1.4ohm
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Thread Type: Electrode
Watt Adjustable Range: 20W
Atomizer Type: Pod Cartridge
Atomizer Material: PC
Cartridge Capacity: 2ml
Product size: 9.63 x 3:08 x 1:58 cm
Package Size: 14 x 8 x 4.5 cm
Product Weight: 0.064kg
Package Weight: 0.11kg

Package Contents:
1 x Missing vape Lyra Batteries, 1 x Missing vape Lyra Pod Cartridge, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty Card


Lost-vape Orion-Q Review Value For Money


1. Introduction to LOSTVAPE ORION Q
LostVape released Orion DNA GO in 2018. Although it is a small smoke device, it is still equipped with the “DNA GO CHIPSET” chip produced by EVOLV in the United States for small smoke. Almost all LostVape products have the mark of DNA, and of course, Xiaoyan is not included.

Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Functions
The body design is not much different from Orion DNA GO. The difference is that the internal chip is changed from DNA to a self-developed chip, that is, it does not have DNA GO CHIPSET installed. Like the previous DNA chip, DNA GO can connect to a personal computer and use the “EScribe” software to set up the device to achieve various functions, so it is very troublesome for users who do not need these functions. The appearance is the same, and of course the size is the same. Very compact body, easy to hold with one hand. If you look at the picture alone, you might think that the fuselage is a bit big, because the host has a built-in 950 mAh high-capacity battery! The weight we actually measured is 84.6g, which is not very light as a small smoke device, but it also has any sense of heaviness. You will definitely think this is a good thing, the texture and weight of holding it will definitely exceed your expectations. Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System ParameterCompared with Orion DNA GO, Orion Q is only equipped with the appearance of carbon fiber panels. The colors are silver, black, gold and blue.
2. ORION Q specifications and packaging
1. Product specifications
Dimensions: H 93×W 37×D 13.5 mm
Weight: 68.6g (cigarette bomb: 16.0g, total 84.6g)
Output mode: bypass mode
Smoke oil capacity 2.0ml
Oil filling method: oil filling on top of the cartridge
Air intake: adjustable top air intake
Atomizing core: built-in 1.6Ω
Charging interface: microUSB
Battery: 950mAh
Protection function: multiple protection functions
Three, ORION Q detailed picture review
The appearance of Orion Q’s mainframe has the same sense of quality. Carbon fiber panels (non-true carbon fiber, high-quality trim) and metal frames look great. The “ORION Q” and “LOST VAPE” logos on the body of the fuselage are gold. The two signs are symmetrical to each other, the texture is very good, and the details are excellent. The frame part has four colors, the side is the bullet lock button, ignition button and microUSB charging interface. In the DNA version, here is a key, and the charging interface at the bottom corner has a decorative cover. ORION Q is simplified here because of the chip.
Since the computer cannot be connected, the microUSB interface is only responsible for the charging function. The LED light above also acts as a power indicator. On the DNA version, the indicator has 5 segments, which is more detailed than 3 segments. But the 3-segment display is also very simple and clear. In consideration of safety, the pressure relief vent is provided at the bottom of the main unit.Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Filling ijk
Fourth, the details of the smoke bomb part
Although it is also a smoke bomb, it is a fixed locking structure, not a common magnetic type. You can flip the switch down and exit the bomb at the same time. On the contrary, if you want to install a cartridge, first clamp the clip on one side of the cartridge and press the cartridge to the other side until it clicks. The cartridge is installed. The size of the cartridge is a bit large, but the tank is still a standard 2ml. The material of the smoke bomb is food grade PC-110 (polycarbonate). The atomizing core is built into the cartridge. Because it is a one-time design, you cannot replace the atomizing core. The built-in cigarette bomb is Kanter 1.0Ω heating wire.

Lost Vape Orion series Vape Pod System, enjoy the ultimate experience

Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod System 950mAh DNA GO

You are a big winner here, obtaining an excellent AIO device and unique collection with once payment. The specially designed panel makes Lost Vape Orion vape pod system DNA Go sparkling in your hand under the light, better to immerse you into the wowing of the crowd. The most concerned point, Lost Vape Orion vape pod system Evolv DNS GO chipset, acting a silent recorder of your personal vaping habits, is available to replay them as soon as you turn the device on again. The Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod System 950mAh battery and micro USB port guarantee a constant experience, besides, it also makes it a developing one by upgrading the firmware from time to time. 3 modes expand the application between the DL vapers and MTL chasers. Whether you are an early adopter or pro, wish you a satisfying vaping here.

Main Features:
1. Built-in 950mAh battery with multiple protections, ensure a constant and stable vaping
2. Micro USB port, support supplying power and upgrading firmware
3. Support vaping for 400puffs when being fully-filled and refilling by thopqr inlet on the top
4. Adjustable airflow system near the drip tip, shorten the distance from the vapor to throat, enhancing the flavor and impact
5. Several LED indicators, show you the real-time battery voltage and selected mode clearly
6. Semi-transparent 2ml pod, convenient to check the consumption and amount of thopqr
7. Equipped with the advanced DNA GO chipset, keep track of your vaping preference
8. Sparkling panel design, distinctive the device form the competitors

Lost Vape Orion Q Vape Pod System 950mAh 2ml

Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Functions
The Lost Vape Orion Q AIO kit retains all the intricate details of the Orion DNA GO, the chipset is a remarkable part with 40W max output, 950mAh internal battery, and introducing a 1.0ohm KTR Orion vape pod system while maintaining the luxurious chassis construction. There is no need to worry about leaking because it features top filling designed. It is the perfect choice for you!

Main Features:
1. Built-in 950mAh battery with multiple protections, ensure a constant and stable vaping
2. Micro USB port,?support supplying power and upgrading firmware
3.Top filling setting, manageable and leakproof
4. Adjustable airflow system with dual slots located below the drip tip, shorten the distance from the vapor to throat, enhancing the flavor and impact?
5. Several LED indicators, show you the real-time battery voltage and selected mode clearly
6. Semi-transparent 2ml pod, convenient to check the consumption and amount of thopqr

Smok Nord 2 E-Cigaret anmeldelse

The compact design of the big smoke is a strategic change made by the SMOK well-known brand to meet market needs and the user’s favorite. After all, the heavy smoke in the past is very unfit to travel.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件电池比最好的
The North 2 SMOK suit is the latest masterpiece of Smok in the compact design of the big smoke. This portable product that combines the violence of the big smoke and little smoke. In fact, SMOK made yet, and the higher it is, the stronger it is.
Compared with similar products launched by SMOK in the past 2 SMOK north is exceptional. It is not only designed with an ignition key, but also designed a + – key to the control voltage, and the key is also equipped with an LCD screen.
The main unit of Smok North 2 is a regular quadrangular prism, the edges and bottom are rounded and rounded, which gives users a good grip.轻按一下即可获得Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件功率调整
The three sides of the symmetrical design are used to modify and improve the fuselage in the form of patches. The materials are resin and carbon fiber. Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件0.69inch OLEDCarbon fiber is more business oriented, while the resin is more flamboyant.
The bottom loading port is a USB port, are borne during the charge. The softness of the lower periphery feels a bit larger, which makes it easy to fall when you place the officeSmok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件,通过USB充电
SMOK North 2 of split air intake design is a little wild, and it is designed to dig holes, so it does not support the gas control. This is only a kind of suction resistance for users looking for the draw resistance. The air inlet also serves as a window for observation of the amount of oil in the tray.

Since SMOK North has 2 a display, it is more high-end. The chip carries it is a brand new IQ-R chip and the ignition reaction time reaches 0.001 seconds.

SMOK Nord 2 supports adjustable output range of 1-40W and the resistance range of 0.3-3ohm ohm that meet the daily needs of the average user.
SMOK Nord 2-screen data display is simple and clear, easy to interpret. The system supports screen color display and replacement lock screen that can easily old user can retrieve find memories and joy. Of course, for new users, as easy to set up the system, it is not difficult to get started.
to the top of the SMOK Nord 2 is completely sealed, so you do not that by about the damage to the body circuit to the leakage of smoke ensure what is commendable.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件2 Pod包括
The cartridge design of SMOK Nord 2 is basically similar to the cartridge structure of similar products launched by SMOK in the past. Its minimum support is 4.3 ml. I believe that it has moved many users.
As the smoke bomb nozzle is wider and thicker, North SMOK 2 for lung sucking is more appropriate, but the mouth suction experience is not ideal.

For Smok 2 with thick smoke Nord, the design of condensation and return within the nozzle is very important. In addition, for the inlet of the nozzle, due to the influence of the thickness, it is recommended that a smooth treatment to do.
The cartridge is equipped with a 0.4 ohm and 0.6 ohm steel mesh core NORD core as a standard, the various smoking pleasure can bring users.

At the same time, the official also RBA kit published that are not must be purchased separately Standard and a big surprise for users who like DIY, but it is.Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件智能检测

In fact, the smoke bomb also supports a variety of other different specifications of the atomization core. Whether you like it or not depends on your personal needs.
How individual users concern for oil leakage are not really necessary for the airtightness of the smoke bombs, by tests.

For the taste power when a 0.4-ohm steel mesh core used North SMOK 2 feels that the analysis of the smoke oil is relatively sufficient and in place, which is a great improvement over previous products.
All in all north introduction of this Smok 2 can be said to have brought the Gospel to the users who have always adhered to the big smoke, adjustable pressure, DIY, large capacity, long battery life, as well as small (three measurements: 3 , 05 x 2? x 9.5 cm), it is really powerful and handy enough.Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit RPM线圈介绍

If you look at SMOK Nord 2 with a critical eye, I would like to make two more suggestions: Design the air supply to be adjusted; and also to fulfill the need for mouth sucking, you can consider one of the two cartridges. The suction nozzle and caliber of the bomb is smaller.

Vape Unique Brands In Vapalien

Vape loss Q-ULTRA 4ml Pod System Starter Kit VW 40W 1600mAh
Loss of Vape Q-ULTRA System Pod Volkswagen Starter Kit makes full use of the integrated 1600mAh battery, maximum power of 40W long-term, personalized and powerful, reassuring performance, easy-to-use, user-friendly features the ability enough juice, Get an unforgettable experience vaping in a mild flavor and elegant appearance, a variety of protective devices a pod design with lock, an adjustment of the breath counter, a roof system adjustable airflow 4 ml and a structure of aluminum alloy. There is also a 0.69 inch OLED screen used to record operating data in real time for display on an open view on vaping, including battery life, the selected power, and suction resistance. Available in 6 colors.

Adjustable Waltage & Plus Buttons
Main Feature:
1. Battery High 1600mAh, support the full load in 70 minutes through C-port type
. 2. Multiple protection, accompany electronic cigarette safe and stable
3. Provide maximum power of 40W, allowing you to customize the power vaping according to your preferences
4. counter function blow, helps develop good habits Vaping
5. 4 ml vial, so need not worry about losing fluid and immersed in the alcoholic vaping
6. The system high adjustable air flow near the dropper can effectively maintain steam intensity

Augvape specializes in the design and development of electronic cigarettes. Augvape is a search of healthy electronic cigarettes. A wide range of products, including RDA, modules box vape kits, systems sheath, etc.
. Merlin the most respected RTA and Augvape box VX200 TC modules are most popular among vapers. New Product: NANO Merlin RTA, which is a single coil mini MTL RTA.

Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml

3.7 ml Augvape Nårada Pro System Starter Kit 30W Pod VW
Based on the Ogvape Druga Narada Vape Pod System Starter Kit Volkswagen, Augvape Narada Pod System Pro installation method improves ink cartridges adds OLED screen, position, appearance, etc. filling, so it is the first choice in their series. You can adjust the working power according to their preferences, from 5W to 30W, for an experience flexible e-cigarette. The OLED display may be used to inform specific operating data such as battery life in real time, the selected source power, resistance, etc. Available in 3 colors.
Main Feature:
1. Wide range of power is adjustable to better suit your taste preferences
2. After updating the firmware, and VV TC modes are available, which is beneficial to the rich diversity of functions
3. Excellent port C USB fast charging capability, can provide energy 80% in just 25 minutes
. 4. Equipped with an OLED screen on top to show detailed operating data
. 5. The container of 3.7 ml packed side is easy to handle and leakproof
6. Two coils replaceable, respond effectively to both DL and MTL vapers

Recommend: several innovative and safe vape Pod systems

1.Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod System 950mAh DNA GO

Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod System 950mAh DNA GO Specifications
You are the big winner here, you only need to pay once to get excellent AIO equipment and unique collection. The specially designed panel makes the lost VapeOrion vape pod system DNA Go sparkle in your hands under the lights, better immersing you in the wonder of the crowd. The most important issue is that after the vape pod system of Lost Orion Orion is turned on again, the Evolv DNS GO chipset can act as a silent recorder for your personal vaping habits and can be used to replay them. The lost Vape Orion Vape Pod system’s 950mAh battery and micro USB port ensure a continuous user experience. In addition, it also makes it a product under development through irregular firmware upgrades. Three modes expand the application between DL vapers and MTL trackers.
main feature:
1. Built-in 950mAh battery with multiple protection functions to ensure continuous and stable fogging
2. Micro USB port, support power supply and firmware upgrade
3. When fully filled and refilled through the juice inlet, support foaming 400 suction top
4. Adjustable airflow system, close to the dripper, shorten the distance from the steam to the throat, enhance the flavor and impact

2.Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit 40W 1600mAh 4ml

Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit 40W 1600mAh 4ml
Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit highly thinks of vapers?hungering for?a memorable vaping experience with long-endurance, personalized strong power, reassuring performance, user-friendly functions, sufficient juice capacity, mellow taste?and stylish appearance respectively benefited from the integrated 1600mAh battery, 40W max wattage, numerous protections, lockable pod design, puff counter setting, 4ml tank top adjustable airflow system and aluminum alloy construction. Plus there is a 0.69inch OLED screen, acting on recording the real-time operating data for an open view on your vaping,?including the battery life, selected power, resistance and puffs. 6 colors optional.

Main Features:
1. Built-in 1600mAh large battery, support being fully charged in 70min via a type-c port
2. Multiple protections, escort a safe and stable vaping
3. 40W max output available, allow you to customize the vaping power according to your taste preference
4. Puff counter function, conducive to develop an appropriate vaping habit
5. 4ml tank, free you from worrying about lacking liquid while immersing into an intoxicating vaping
6. Adjustable top airflow system near the drip tip, effective to maintain the strength of the vapor