3 ways to finding the best vape kit gives your needs

When entering the world of e-cigarettes, the large selection of different styles and types of devices available can be a little overwhelming. This article aims to help you assess your needs to simplify the process of choosing the most suitable device for you. For this, we will check the different types of equipment and which type of vaper they are most suitable for, so that you can confidently choose the right equipment.smok vape atomizer

A vape kit is the ideal way to start vaping, many regular vapers still buy different kits because they are becoming more and more curious about all aspects of vaping. In 2017, when choosing a starter kit, novice choices are indeed spoiled, but most will include component types (although the specifications are different). The main components of the vape kit will be the water tank, battery (part of the “mod”) and coil. These three elements and the way they work together will determine the type of e-cigarette experience you will have. This is a great way to try and figure out which e-cigarette you will use.

Longer battery life:

The battery may be one of the least valued components. It may have a huge impact on your e-cigarette experience, but even e-cigarette veterans sometimes overlook the changes that the correct battery can bring. Box Mods have more internal space. This means that a larger number of batteries can be included. Many commercial Box Mods can hold one or two batteries, while the larger 18650 Box Mod can hold up to four. Larger battery power leads to higher wattage capacity, longer device life between charges, and better Box Mod performance.

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Vape tanks vary in shape and size, but the way to look after them is basically the same. If you have regular e-cigarette inspections, please make sure to clean the e-cigarette cleaning tank with warm water or an ultrasonic cleaner every 2 or 3 days. The latter is not necessary, but can make your life easier. For those fiercely competitive cloud chasers, having a rebuildable drip irrigation atomizer (RDA) is absolutely necessary. RDA requires the cloud tracker to build its own coil, which can then be connected to the tank using a screwdriver or other similar tool. RDA is also called a “dripper” because you have to manually drip the e-liquid directly onto the coil before every few puffs. This is not the best choice for daily use, but it is very useful for chasing clouds, because the resulting clouds are very large.

Best coil:

Each vape kit will have a coil. The coil or atomizer is an essential component. The coil is wound around the wick of the electronic cigarette device, and it is heated when wet to turn the juice into vapor. There are various coils of different specifications on the market. One of the main specifications of the coil you will see is its “ohm” rating. Each atomizer coil has an ohm specification. “Ohm” is a measure of electrical resistance-the coil wire will have electrical resistance, which determines how much steam and flavor you get from the puff. Sub-ohm e-cigarettes use coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm to produce a larger e-cigarette cloud and a stronger taste.

If you want to blow big clouds, an in-depth understanding of vape coils will bring you a huge help. If you want to compete to become a cloud chaser, you need to consider the following things:

Airflow-Excellent airflow is essential for large clouds. Make sure not to fill the coil with cotton, otherwise the cotton will die.
Wire gauge-reduce the wire gauge to make the wire thicker-the surface area of ​​the evaporated juice is larger. A 24 wire diameter wire is better for cloud tracking than a 30 wire diameter wire, but to make it have low resistance, more windings will be required.

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Inner diameter-a structure with an inner diameter of 2 mm will not split large clouds, you need at least 3 mm. The larger inner diameter provides more cotton thread contact and helps to evaporate the vape juice faster.
Coil positioning-You want the coil to be aligned with the cente

Vape Unique Brands In Vapalien

Vape loss Q-ULTRA 4ml Pod System Starter Kit VW 40W 1600mAh
Loss of Vape Q-ULTRA System Pod Volkswagen Starter Kit makes full use of the integrated 1600mAh battery, maximum power of 40W long-term, personalized and powerful, reassuring performance, easy-to-use, user-friendly features the ability enough juice, Get an unforgettable experience vaping in a mild flavor and elegant appearance, a variety of protective devices a pod design with lock, an adjustment of the breath counter, a roof system adjustable airflow 4 ml and a structure of aluminum alloy. There is also a 0.69 inch OLED screen used to record operating data in real time for display on an open view on vaping, including battery life, the selected power, and suction resistance. Available in 6 colors.

Adjustable Waltage & Plus Buttons
Main Feature:
1. Battery High 1600mAh, support the full load in 70 minutes through C-port type
. 2. Multiple protection, accompany electronic cigarette safe and stable
3. Provide maximum power of 40W, allowing you to customize the power vaping according to your preferences
4. counter function blow, helps develop good habits Vaping
5. 4 ml vial, so need not worry about losing fluid and immersed in the alcoholic vaping
6. The system high adjustable air flow near the dropper can effectively maintain steam intensity

Augvape specializes in the design and development of electronic cigarettes. Augvape is a search of healthy electronic cigarettes. A wide range of products, including RDA, modules box vape kits, systems sheath, etc.
. Merlin the most respected RTA and Augvape box VX200 TC modules are most popular among vapers. New Product: NANO Merlin RTA, which is a single coil mini MTL RTA.

Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml

3.7 ml Augvape Nårada Pro System Starter Kit 30W Pod VW
Based on the Ogvape Druga Narada Vape Pod System Starter Kit Volkswagen, Augvape Narada Pod System Pro installation method improves ink cartridges adds OLED screen, position, appearance, etc. filling, so it is the first choice in their series. You can adjust the working power according to their preferences, from 5W to 30W, for an experience flexible e-cigarette. The OLED display may be used to inform specific operating data such as battery life in real time, the selected source power, resistance, etc. Available in 3 colors.
Main Feature:
1. Wide range of power is adjustable to better suit your taste preferences
2. After updating the firmware, and VV TC modes are available, which is beneficial to the rich diversity of functions
3. Excellent port C USB fast charging capability, can provide energy 80% in just 25 minutes
. 4. Equipped with an OLED screen on top to show detailed operating data
. 5. The container of 3.7 ml packed side is easy to handle and leakproof
6. Two coils replaceable, respond effectively to both DL and MTL vapers

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1.Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod System 950mAh DNA GO

Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod System 950mAh DNA GO Specifications
You are the big winner here, you only need to pay once to get excellent AIO equipment and unique collection. The specially designed panel makes the lost VapeOrion vape pod system DNA Go sparkle in your hands under the lights, better immersing you in the wonder of the crowd. The most important issue is that after the vape pod system of Lost Orion Orion is turned on again, the Evolv DNS GO chipset can act as a silent recorder for your personal vaping habits and can be used to replay them. The lost Vape Orion Vape Pod system’s 950mAh battery and micro USB port ensure a continuous user experience. In addition, it also makes it a product under development through irregular firmware upgrades. Three modes expand the application between DL vapers and MTL trackers.
main feature:
1. Built-in 950mAh battery with multiple protection functions to ensure continuous and stable fogging
2. Micro USB port, support power supply and firmware upgrade
3. When fully filled and refilled through the juice inlet, support foaming 400 suction top
4. Adjustable airflow system, close to the dripper, shorten the distance from the steam to the throat, enhance the flavor and impact

2.Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit 40W 1600mAh 4ml

Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit 40W 1600mAh 4ml
Lost Vape Q-ULTRA Pod System VW Starter Kit highly thinks of vapers?hungering for?a memorable vaping experience with long-endurance, personalized strong power, reassuring performance, user-friendly functions, sufficient juice capacity, mellow taste?and stylish appearance respectively benefited from the integrated 1600mAh battery, 40W max wattage, numerous protections, lockable pod design, puff counter setting, 4ml tank top adjustable airflow system and aluminum alloy construction. Plus there is a 0.69inch OLED screen, acting on recording the real-time operating data for an open view on your vaping,?including the battery life, selected power, resistance and puffs. 6 colors optional.

Main Features:
1. Built-in 1600mAh large battery, support being fully charged in 70min via a type-c port
2. Multiple protections, escort a safe and stable vaping
3. 40W max output available, allow you to customize the vaping power according to your taste preference
4. Puff counter function, conducive to develop an appropriate vaping habit
5. 4ml tank, free you from worrying about lacking liquid while immersing into an intoxicating vaping
6. Adjustable top airflow system near the drip tip, effective to maintain the strength of the vapor